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First place for Repulping Technology at the EUROPEAN PAPER RECYCLING AWARDS 2019 in Brussels:

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Dear customers and partners,

the “EUROPEAN PAPER RECYCLING AWARD” is conferred every 2 years by the European Paper Recycling Council (EPRC) in the European Parliament in Brussels. Repulping Technology was rated with the highest scores in the category "Innovative Technologies and R&D" for the development of the "Cavitation pulper".

This award is targeted at projects, initiatives and campaigns that improve the sustainability of Europe in a significant way with their support of the improvement of paper recycling. The jury consists of academics, journalists and members of the European Parliament. Repulping Technology has set itself the task of returning composite materials and paper grades that are considered difficult to recycle back into the recycling loop. Until now these materials have been mainly used for thermal recycling (waste incineration) due to their inadequate separation and recycling.

"The technology we developed is establishing us as a pioneer in the field of innovative recycling ideas. Our customers benefit from a significant increase in the recycling rate of raw materials and energy efficiency in their processes. In order to meet the requirements of the changed legal situation, such as the new packaging law, the industry is well equipped with the new technology," says Ulrich Neumüller, Managing Director of Repulping Technology. A fact that is also confirmed by Jytte Guteland, member of the European Parliament for climate policy: "With the Green Deal, the EU has developed a new ambitious leadership to become the world’s first climate-neutral continent. In order to achieve our EU climate change targets, such innovative technologies are urgently needed. The time is more than ripe for this."

The patented technology "cavitation pulper" is already developed and can be installed in waste-paper mills and recycling plants - a clear proof of concept economical and technical wise exists. "We want to recover every fibre. Every fibre counts!" accented Angelika Christ, Chairwoman of the European Paper Recycling Council. The highly efficient separation of fiber/fiber and fiber/non-fiber material compounds (composite materials) leads to an enormous increase in the recycling rate.

Click HERE for the final press release and further information about the European Paper Recycling Awards 2019

 We would like to thank those who supported us on our way!

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We are glad to share some more impressions of the event in Brussels with you: 

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"KUMAS lead project 2019"-award for Repulping Technology´s cavitation pulper:

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Dear customers and partners,

we are proud to receive the coveted, environmental "KUMAS lead project 2019"-award. In view of the large number of applications this placement is a great honor for us and our team performance and confirms that we are on the right path to improve the environment with our technology.

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The recycling of composites and - so far - difficult to dissolve waste-paper sorts is our main concern. Up to now a lot of these valuable materials are disposed of in incineration plants. A large proportion of packages from the collection system for composites can be sorted but the separation and recycling of the fibres is only insufficient by the state-of-the-art technology.

The contents of the waste-paper collection system are transported almost directly to waste-paper plants. The therein included amounts of wet-strength, kraft grades- and coated papers and paperboards can not be fiberized completely and are - with a high water content - thermally disposed.

In 2019 we completed our patented development "cavitation pulper". This machine can be used on Recycler´s sites and paper mills. It separates fibre/fibre- and fibre/non-fibre materials (composite materials) on a very efficient way and provides an enormous increase of the recycling rate. 

The environment profits the most from our development: natural resources like fibres from slow growing trees, water and CO2-emissions can be saved. Additionally, electricity and heat requirement are saving potentials for the industry.

We would like to thank those who supported us on our way!

Your team from Repulping Technology GmbH & Co. KG

We are glad to share some more impressions of the evening with you: 

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Waste insineration in sweden gets taxed!

To reach the climate- and environment goals, the swedish government plans to introduce a tax for waste insineration. This tax starts with a fee of 75 Krona / ton (about 7 EUR / ton) in 2020 and will increase in the following years (125 Krona / ton in 2022). This was communicated by the treasury in the end of october. A corresponding proposal was transmitted to the parliament.

This measures are also considered in other countries and the relevant industries are obligated to take mesaures in the range of resource- and energy efficiency for their part.

Click HERE for the link for the complete article (in german)

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Imagevideo for our customers and partners!

Here you will gain detailled knowledge about our company, the innovative technology and benefits for customers and environment.

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Cooperation with the University of Hamburg

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A lab-system is available to our customers for pre-tests and can be operated at the Institute of Wood Science of the University of Hamburg (Thünen Institute). Following options are available for our customers:

  • Sending a sample of the individual raw materials (approx. 1kg of each variety) to Repulping Technology. We will run the tests and send back the results with a detailed test documentation.
  • Joint attempts on-site: Use the possibility to convince yourself

Furthermore, the option to perform some laboratory analyses after the experiments also exists. The Thünen Institute is equipped with extensive laboratory equipment:

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