Repulping Technology GmbH & Co. KG
Innovative Pulper Technology for Resource Efficiency

Equipment concept

RT equipment concept 02 (1)

From procedural consulting to the implementation of a cavitation pulper with additional equipment: We take care of your concerns!

Process technology consulting

You can benefit from our long-term experience in the paper sector!
From the integration of our equipment in your plant up to the planning of a completely new stock preparation – our experts are the right contact persons.

RT-product lines: The cavitation pulper (KSL)

The core of our innovative technology is the cavitation pulper. The machine makes our vision – creating new raw material sources from recovered paper – come true.


RT-product lines: The reject cavitation pulper (RKSL)

Our product portfolio also includes the reject cavitation pulper. This machine is developed for:

  • Further reject treatment
  • Usage as broke pulper

Valuable fibres can be recovered – instead of disposing them.

RT RKSL 01 (1)

Turnkey projects

As an overall contractor, Repulping Technology is in charge for the complete realization and processing of turnkey projects for all equipment. For you as a customer this means a reduced time- and coordination effort as well as the advantage of a single point of contact for the entire project.

Depending on the scope of the project, three cases are distinguished:

  • Concept 1: Further treatment of reject and broke in the sidestream
  • Concept 2: Integration into existing periphery
  • Concept 3: New stock preparation with periphery

Repulping Technology takes care of the complete process:

  • Conception and design of upstream and downstream equipment
  • Procurement and delivery of required components
  • Project management with corresponding documentation

RT concept1 sidestream 01

The RKSL-product line was developed for further treatment of reject and internal broke. Operating in the sidestream means operating independent from the existing subsequent periphery:

  • Almost fibre-free reject: significantly lower disposal costs and no more fibre losses!
  • Difficult internal broke can be returned to the cycle
  • Suitable products: RKSL 7 – 10

RT concept2 integration 01

Our products can be integrated into existing periphery:

  • Replacement of conventional pulper
  • New equipment for “delicate” raw materials
  • Suitable products: KSL 15 – 30

RT concept3 periphery 01

For our customers we offer a complete design and procurement of additional equipment beside our core products. We take charge for the project management and the procurement of all components.

Suitable products: RKSL 7 – 10, KSL 15 – 30