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Innovative Pulper Technology for Resource Efficiency

Team & Partners

Team & Partners of Repulping Technology

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Ulrich Neumüller

Managing Director

The Cleantech company Repulping Technology was established by Ulrich Neumüller with the business strategy to improve the resource efficiency of the recycling economy by innovations. In our team he is responsible for: 

  • Business development
  • Finance
  • Sales and marketing
  • Operational overall project management 

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Jakob Kratzer

Product Engineer

As a product engineer, Jakob Kratzer is in charge with the closed-loop product development and overall euipment designs. He is the contact person for:

  • Engineering, project planning and plant layouts incl. creation of P&ID and CAD projects
  • Development & Construction
  • Technical editing
  • QHSE

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Bounthanome Phommalad

Business Development Manager

Bounthanome Phommalad, in the role of Business Development Manager, is responsible as a paper technologist for R&D projects and technological innovations. Furthermore, he supports the conceptual design and engineering of turn-key projects and the integration of innovative technologies into existing processes of our customers.

  • Paper Technology
  • R&D Projects & Innovation
  • Engineering & Plant Design
  • Customer tests

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Angela Schlecht
Office Management

Angela Schlecht works in office management and supports the team in all administrative and organizational activities, as well as project support and coordination. She forms the interface between colleagues and managers.


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Thomas Gerstner
(Dipl.-Ing. / Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing.)


Thomas Gerstner is our partner for strategic issues, financing and M&A topics. As a consultant, he further supports the organizational development of Repulping Technology with our partners.

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Uwe Raithle


Uwe Raithle acts as a technology partner for paper technology issues with the focus on fibre prepartation, fibre dewatering and with experimental procedures.  


Jacob Friedl
Student of Paper Technology

After completing his apprenticeship as a certified paper technologist, Jacob Friedl is currently studying process engineering for paper and biofibers at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. He was able to gain extensive, practical experience in the field of quality assurance for paper and board at a paper mill. He supports us in researching chemical additive applications for the cavitation technology.


Moritz Westerkamp
Student of process engineering paper and bio fibers

Moritz Westerkamp completed an education as a paper technologist and is currently studying process engineering for paper and organic fibers at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. In his previous training, he was able to gain extensive, practical experience in the field of production and quality assurance for paper and specialty papers. In his free time, he volunteers at the Munich University of Applied Sciences.