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About us

About us

Repulping Technology GmbH & Co. KG is a CleanTech company and offers integrated closed-loop solutions for the recycling industry. The company operates as a Turn-Key-Provider up to the realisation of sustainable plant engineering projects in the recycling economy value chain.

Dear Customers, partners and visitors,

Paper and paperboard can be found everywhere in everyday life. These materials basically consist of vegetable fibres, extracted mainly from slow growing trees. To protect our ecosystem and environment it is particularly important to increase the recycling rate of recovered paper, so high-quality fibres which are processed in a combustion plant can be recovered.

A constantly increasing quantity, especially of coated paper sorts (for example packaging paper), paper based composite materials (for example coffee-to-go-cups) or paper sorts with kraft (for example paper carrier bags) cannot return to the recycling loop on a simple way: The dissolution of this paper sorts is difficult- or even impossible by conventional technology or goes hand in hand with a high expenditure of energy and a lot of fibre losses – the recycling loop is not closed!

Repulping Technology was established 2014, with the aim to tackle this problem: Closing the recycling loop by returning „delicate“ fibre materials (incl. paper-adhering materials like plastics or aluminium) back to the loop on a more efficient way or even completely. A further advantage: the more efficient dissolution of conventional recovered paper sorts in comparison with the state-of-the-art. The procedure is based on a physical process without the use of chemicals.

Our mission: The professional realization of new projects to increase the energy-, production- and resource efficiency of the stock preparation process.

Environmental protection matters to us all! What we do today, will decide, how the world will look like tomorrow! We welcome you to contact us
Your team from Repulping Technology