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"KUMAS lead project 2019"-award for Repulping Technology´s cavitation pulper:

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Dear customers and partners,

we are proud to receive the coveted, environmental "KUMAS lead project 2019"-award. In view of the large number of applications this placement is a great honor for us and our team performance and confirms that we are on the right path to improve the environment with our technology.

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The recycling of composites and - so far - difficult to dissolve waste-paper sorts is our main concern. Up to now a lot of these valuable materials are disposed of in incineration plants. A large proportion of packages from the collection system for composites can be sorted but the separation and recycling of the fibres is only insufficient by the state-of-the-art technology.

The contents of the waste-paper collection system are transported almost directly to waste-paper plants. The therein included amounts of wet-strength, kraft grades- and coated papers and paperboards can not be fiberized completely and are - with a high water content - thermally disposed.

In 2019 we completed our patented development "cavitation pulper". This machine can be used on Recycler´s sites and paper mills. It separates fibre/fibre- and fibre/non-fibre materials (composite materials) on a very efficient way and provides an enormous increase of the recycling rate. 

The environment profits the most from our development: natural resources like fibres from slow growing trees, water and CO2-emissions can be saved. Additionally, electricity and heat requirement are saving potentials for the industry.

We would like to thank those who supported us on our way!

Your team from Repulping Technology GmbH & Co. KG

We are glad to share some more impressions of the evening with you: 

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