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UPDATE: Because of the current corona-crisis, the event "Woche der Umwelt 2020" is completely postponed to 2021! As soon as a new date is fix, you will immediately be informed here. 

We are looking forward to the new appointment and for all questions around the technology and its area of application we are here for our customers in these difficult times. 

Until then: stay healthy!

Your Team from Repulping Technology GmbH & Co. KG


Repulping Technology as an exhibitor at “Woche der Umwelt” 2020 in Berlin!

Dear customers and partners,

it is therefore our pleasure to confirm to you that we are represented at the “Woche der Umwelt” 2020 (engl. “week of environment” 2020) in Berlin. With the motto “SO GEHT ZUKUNFT” (engl. “That’s how future works”), this environmental exhibition of the German Federal President with the collaboration of the German Foundation for the Environment (DBU) takes place for the 6th time since 2002. The 190 exhibitors, chosen from more than 440 applications, were selected from a convened expert jury.

Focus of the exhibition: A public presenting and discussing of innovative ideas and projects around the topic environmental protection and sustainability and associated opportunities for economy and society. In the selection process, importance was attached to quality, innovation potential and exemplariness of the projects. Further on, a high potential of social-, technical- and economic implementation should be given.  

Especially the organizers are pleased about the lively interest by economy, science, society and policy. “Visitors to the exhibition will gain an insight in the variety of new, eco-friendly technologies, products, services and concepts for a responsible shaping of the future with a special view for climate protection, preserving biodiversity and digitization”, says Alexander Bonde, secretary general from DBU. Beside project presentations there will be a diversified program with lectures from top representatives from policy, economy, science and society and over 90 specialist forums with a variety of experts for discussions about the current developments in climate-, environmental- and nature conservation.

The event will take place from 09 to 10 June 2020 at the park of Schloss Bellevue in Berlin. We are looking forward to a numerous visitors and good discussions.

Your team from Repulping Technology GmbH & Co. KG

About the "Woche der Umwelt" 2020 exhibition: 

Find HERE more information about the exhibititors and the event (in german)

... and HERE the official press release (in german)