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Our team

Our team

RT U Neumueller 01

Ulrich Neumüller
Managing Director

Ulrich Neumüller completed an apprenticeship in the field of electrical and operating technology. After that, he held various roles in different industries in the field of technical services. In 2009, he accepted the position in the field of industrial consulting within the “Siemens AG”. He conveyed his experiences in optimization of asset management to more than 20 paper mills worldwide.

As a senior consultant, he was leading projects from the fields of consulting, implementation and outsourcing, as well as international research and development projects.

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In 2011, Ulrich Neumüller founded the “ICON Services GmbH”, a today´s consulting company with a focus on optimization of asset and maintenance management in various industries. Through consulting have been developed partnerships with paper-technology academies in Gernsbach and Steyrermühl. Furthermore, he has been contracted as lecturer at the university “DHBW Karlsruhe”.

His career also includes further education like: Bachelor of business administration, technical economist, technician in electronics, maintenance manager, energy manager and project manager, just to name a few. Furthermore, he was chosen for the trainee development program of “MTU Aero Engines GmbH” and became a spokesman of leadership development program at Siemens AG. Since 2012 he is a delegation member of the ISO55000-committee (asset management) and a member of the international DIN-committee since 2016.

Repulping Technology GmbH & Co. KG was founded by Ulrich Neumüller in 2014 with the business strategy to significantly improve the energy and resource efficiency in the fibre recycling sector. He is responsible for management, strategy and business affairs.


Stephan Wucherer Project Manager

Stephan Wucherer
Project Manager

Stephan Wucherer finished his apprenticeship in 1981 to become a papermaker at “Vereinigte Papierwerke Schickedanz & Co.” and held various roles in national and international paper industry.

From 1984 to 1991 he worked for “Felix Schoeller jr.” on the locations Osnabrück and Pulaski (USA) to establish and secure the quality levels of raw photo paper and technical specialty paper. Subsequently, he continued his education and became master of science in paper technology at Gernsbach in 1991.

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After that, Stephan Wucherer changed to “Widmer-Walty AG” in Switzerland as shift supervisor and deputy production manager. He was focused on setting up and optimization of a new stock preparation for the separation of difficult to separate and wet-strength recovered papers. His duty was also the optimization of processes and paper qualities. In 1996, he obtained the diploma of the Swiss higher qualifying exam.

From 1997 to 2007 Mr. Wucherer changed to “Flexipack International” as plant manager at the production sites in Baar-Ebenhausen and Gerlingen.

Then Mr. Wucherer changed to “Siemens AG” as a consultant in the “industry solutions” business unit. His duties were finding optimization- and efficiency solutions for the paper- and cellulose industry, worldwide customer deployment and internal trainings for sales personnel.

As of 2009 he switched within “Siemens AG” to Pulp & Paper sector as a product lifecycle manager for SIPAPAER services. His principle function was the analysis and evaluation of market, customers, competition, technology and competences, as well as the development of a product strategy. He participated and leaded various research and development projects in the sector of engine management and databased solutions for maintenance issues.

Together with Ulrich Neumüller, he co-founded Repulping Technology GmbH & CO. KG in 2014. The mission of the company: sustainable development of energy and resource efficient separation of fibres and composite materials. The emphasis is on innovative products and solutions for the paper, cellulose and fibre industry.


Jakob Kratzer Product Engineer

Jakob Kratzer
Product Engineer

Jakob Kratzer finished an apprenticeship at “Bauer Maschinen GmbH” to become an industrial engineer in 2010 and stayed in the company for one more year. His duties were the assembly of construction machines and performing tests. After receiving his “Abitur”, he completed his bachelor studies in mechanical engineering in 2016. He also stayed abroad in China and Malaysia for his practical semester for half a year. During his study time, he gained a lot of experience in development and design of machines and their equipment.

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He finished his bachelor thesis with Repulping Technology. The topic of the dissertation was the technical design and construction of a pulper applying new technology and he defended the bachelor thesis with the best final grade of 1,0. The knowledge thereof is the new standard for the design of Repulping Technology´s core products.

Since September 2016, Mr. Kratzer is employed as a product engineer. He is responsible for design and construction of the cavitation pulper and for technical editing. Furthermore, he is also responsible for equipment safety and after-sales services.